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Guaranteed auto credit approval is a one-stop platform for customers having any credit situation. Be it poor credit rating, or bad bankruptcy history, our vision is to make the process of vehicle financing for you easy, smooth, and convenient. We specialize in car loan Chicago and help people who are going through a bad financial patch. We entertain those customers who have been rejected or disqualified on account of poor credit, bankruptcy, failing to make payments, repossession, and disability.

You can rely on us for bad credit car loans Chicago because we have the expertise to work out the perfect loan scheme for you. You need not pay heavy down payment, or high interest rates. Whatever might be your credit situation, you are assured of car loans for bad credit even if you have been rejected by local banks and other dealers.


Easy Credit Application Process

With guaranteed auto credit approvals, your car buying process will be painless and easy. You only need to fill a simple online form and the rest will be taken care of by our professional loan experts. Our team of experts will work with a wide range of agencies and lenders to help you drive away with a vehicle of your dreams.

So, if you can’t take your eyes off a brand new car, follow these simple steps and get your loan approved.

  • – Apply online.
  • – Get your application approved.
  • – Get the best financing options.
  • – Drive home with a new vehicle financed by car loan Chicago providers.


Having poor credit rating shouldn’t discourage you from possessing a new or pre-owned vehicle of your dreams. Therefore, If you live in the city of Chicago and intend to buy a car that you have only dreamed of, visit our website, or call our toll-free number 888 858-2002.

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